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National Louis University Chicago is a private, nonprofit university in Chicago and Florida. The university was founded in 1902 and offers degree programs in business, engineering, law, and medicine. Classes are held in the Fine Arts Center on the campus of the University of Chicago. National Louis University Chicago (NLU) is a private, selective university in the city’s heart. NLU offers undergraduate and graduates degrees in business, engineering, law, and health sciences. NLU is also home to the NLU Library, which houses over 1 million volumes. The NLU portal includes campus information, student services, events, and more. It is designed to make campus life easier for students and staff.

National Louis University (NLU) campuses are located in the heart of downtown Chicago and Illinois, Wheeling, and Tampa Florida. With more than 20,000 students and employees, NLU offers a highly diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, sciences, business, education, health sciences, law, and medicine.

About National Louis University Portal

NLU Portal, also known as National Louis University Portal is a website that provides students with access to information about their coursework and the opportunities available at the National Louis University. The NLU Portal offers various features, such as course syllabus, student services, and faculty contact information. NLU Portal is the primary source of information for students on various University campuses in Chicago and Tampa, Florida.

The portal includes campus information, student services, events, and more. It is designed to make campus life easier for students and staff. National Louis University Portal provides access to various resources for students and professionals at the National Louis University. It includes an online directory of alums, a student resource center, and more.


How to NLU Portal Login?

To login into NLU Portal, follow the steps below

  • Visit the NLU Portal login page given below
  • Enter your NLU Username
  • Enter Password
  • Click on “Sign in.”

National Louis University Portal Password Reset Link

Forgot your NLU password? Don’t worry; click on the below link to reset your password. You can easily reset your password by entering your username on the page after clicking on the link below. 

How to Solve NLU Login Issues?

There may be a few solutions if you’re having trouble logging in to your NLU portal account. First, check to see if you’re using the latest security patches. If you are, make sure to apply them. If not, update your software as soon as possible. Additionally, try resetting your account password and providing new user credentials.

Portal login problems are common and can be quickly resolved. Below you can find some tips to help solve National Louis University Portal Login Issues.

Portal Login Issues can be frustrating for users. Here are a few tips to help you overcome these issues: 

  1. Use the correct password 
  2. Make sure your username and password are straightforward to remember 
  3. Reset your password if needed 
  4. Try using a different username or password for every session 
  5. Check if you are using VPN to login
  6. Check the Caps status
  7. Try to access from a different browser
  8. Restart your computer
  9. If nothing works, then contact the NLU technical team for help


National Louis University Portal Useful Links
NLU Portal Login Visit Login Page
NLU Portal Password Reset  NLU Password Reset
Degree Programs
Student services Student Portal Services
Course Catalogue Check Catalogue
How to Apply
Tuition Fees
Scholarships & Aids
Forms & Deadlines Click to access forms
Accreditations Click to Check the Accreditations
Alumni Portal
Faculty & Staff Portal
Contact Details
Campuses and Working Hours
NLU FAQ Visit FAQ Page of NLU 


National Louis University Email IDs


National Louis University Phone Numbers

  • Call Center: (888) 658-8632
  • Finance Aid: (888) 658-8632, ext 5350.
  • Student Engagement:  (312) 261-3568.
  • To Contact University by telephone: (312) 261-3615.
  • Registrar Office:947.5718
  • Location Details: (888) 658-8632


National Louis University orientation for new students

National Louis University welcomes new students to its campus this fall! The orientation is critical for newcomers to get started on their NLU experience. To ensure students have a smooth transition, NLU recommends students attend this event. Students will learn about the school and the opportunities available to you here. Learn more about new students orientation.


National University Students Experience Video


Useful Links for Financial Aid

Eligibility Requirements

Apply – Complete the FAFSA

Finance FAQs

How to Apply

Forms and Deadlines


Contact Us

Financial Aid Workshops

Types of Aid

Loan FAQs

Student Accounts

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