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cbse online training portal

CBSE is the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE Free Training Portal is an initiative by CBSE to provide free training resources for students and teachers. The CBSE Portal Training provides a variety of resources for different subjects, levels, and age groups. The resources include videos, articles, presentations, interactive quizzes, and other learning materials.

Students can also access the portal to get information about various institutes that offer courses in their field of interest. The website has been designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for students to find what they are looking for.

The portal also offers a digital library containing books in various formats such as PDFs and eBooks, which can be downloaded or read online with ease.


CBSE Training Portal – Free Registration

cbse online training portal

CBSE is launching a new training portal for students. CBSE has launched the portal to provide free online courses in various streams to students of Class IX and above. CBSE will offer free courses in the following subjects.

  • Classes IX and above (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
  • Classes XI and XII (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry).
  • Classes XII (Mathematics).
  • The courses will be in English with subtitles in different languages.
  • All the videos on the portal will be available for free on YouTube.

The courses are designed by experts from the respective fields with appropriate content for each class.


CBSE Portal Training Certificate Download (E Certificate)

This is a certificate issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to certify that the individual has successfully completed a course or training program.

A course completion certificate will be issued to the participants after passing the examination. The training certificate is valid for three years, after which it must be renewed. Once renewed, it will have a validity of five years from the date of issue.

Steps to download E-Certificates from CBSE Training Portal

The applicants who would like to get their CBSE Teacher Education Certificate can obtain their certificate following completion of the online course. Candidates must complete all of the teacher training courses online in order to earn the certificate.

The applicants who are registered have to attend and complete online classes for certification. This CBSE educator education certification is accessible online and is available to download from the official CBSE portal. Follow the instructions below to download the E Certificate from the CBSE Training Portal.


1.     Go to the official CBSE Training Portal.

2.     Select the appropriate course to download the certificate.

3.     Enter your email ID, password, and Security PIN, then log in.

4.     You can see an option to download the E certificate. Click on the link to download the certificate.

Click here to download the CBSE e-certificate –

About CBSE Training Portal

The CBSE program for teachers is beneficial for shaping the quality of the educational system in India. CBSE strives to enhance the quality of teachers by putting forth its many initiatives. As the teacher’s training programs play a significant part in the overall structure of high-quality education, the role of CBSE in shaping the future generation is immense.

It is possible through training programs offered by the CBSE teachers training programs. Learn More about the CBSE Training Portal Registration, Login, Certificate, Contact information, etc., in this article.

How to Register on CBSE Training Portal?

Persons interested in participating in the training can register online at the CBSE Training portal. The CBSE portal is now ready for registration online, and applicants can sign up online using the simple steps that you can look over in the following.


CBSE Training – Free Registration Steps


1.     Visit the official site that is part of CBSE. CBSE site ( CBSE Portal Links are given below).

2.     Information about the center for training fee, seats available, the date and time, etc., is on this page.

3.     Find the availability of seats and then click the “Register” button.

4.     A window will open where the participant must choose”New registration for individual participants “New registration for individual participants.”

5.     The portal will direct the applicant to a registration page, where the applicant is required to enter the details for their personal and school correctly.

6.     Click on the Submit link to finish the registration process.


CBSE Portal Login Process

Teachers interested in joining the training can sign in to the CBSE training portal using the username and password assigned to them. The login steps are given below; Follow the steps to log in.


1.     Check out the official site for the CBSE portal. The link to the portal is given below.

2.     Choose the login option on the homepage of the portal.

3.     Input your password and login credentials into the blank fields before clicking the “Login” button.


How to Attend the CBSE Teacher Training Program?

Principals, teachers, or school staff who want to take part in training with the CBSE training program should follow the steps given below in order to be enrolled on the CBSE online training portal:


1.     Visit the CBSE Teacher Training Course Official Portal,

2.     Tap the button “Click here to register for online sessions” which appears on the home page.

3.     Find the training program you want to attend.

4.     Hit on the “Register” button for the chosen program.

5.     Fill out the registration form and provide the information required.

6.     Register and complete the payment verification procedure.

7.     Take part in the event on the specified date, time, and at the designated location.

8.     Get the required feedback and confirmation from the CBSE Board.

Introductory Training Programs

The introductory training program is designed for school leaders and principals of new schools who are part of the Board of Directors. The introductory program is designed to assist schools in offering input on the running of regional offices, exams, and IT issues. The school teaches CBSE CBP, Life Skills, Values, and Physical Education.

Programs for Potential Resource Specialists

Resource specialists offer advice and information to learners in a context. They are often used in education but could also be helpful as a panel for programming. They can be either from within or outside the group. Choose your knowledge of the subject and the capability to present and convey the information to the audience successfully.

Training Programs for Potential Resource Specialists

Resource Specialists are professionals who offer advice and information to learners in a context. They are often used for educational purposes, but they can be helpful in a programming-based panel. They can be either from within or outside the organization.

General CBPs for Teachers

Classroom Management
The program comprises sessions that introduce teachers to the knowledge of techniques, methods, and strategies of effective classroom management to assess their teaching methods and improve them to manage huge classes effectively.


Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies
The Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies program includes sessions that increase awareness of the requirements of children with disabilities. It also encourages teachers to consider their views and understand concerns about kids with disabilities (CWSN).


Professional Guidance
The Professional Guidance program includes sessions designed to train teachers on the importance of career guidance for students. This includes, among others, discussions on the ever-changing working environment and the factors that influence career guidance—up-to-date information from specialists and the planning of group orientation exercises.


Gender Sensitivity
This training program comprises sessions that outline guidelines for gender-sensitive educators, including teaching units using a gender-sensitive method of instruction using teaching and learning materials that are gender-sensitive, as well as the creation of a gender-sensitive learning environment.


Life Skills Management
This program comprises sessions during which students are exposed to various life skills. It also increases awareness that life skills are an integral component of all disciplines and encourage teachers to promote these life abilities.


CBSE Portal Helpline Number

The helpline number for the CBSE portal is given below. Anyone who wants to check the updated CBSE Helpline number can examine all helpline numbers available on the CBSE portal.

CBSE Training Portal Helpline Number: +91 11 23214737.
Email ID


CBSE Free Training Portal – Useful Links

Click here to download CBSE e-certificate

Check the link to download the CBSE  training e-certificate from CBSE Portal.

     CBSE Training Portal › cbse › training
One of the major objectives of the Training Unit of CBSE is to organize various capacity building and empowerment.

     Individual participant login › cbse › training › login CBSE – Training Wing. Toggle Navigation. Home; User Manuals. For Individual Participant ·

CBSE Training Program Details

CBSE Training Registration Link

CBSE Training Program Free Online Session Availability

CBSE Training Registration Forms

CBSE Training Requisition Forms

CBSE Training Fee Details

CBSE Training Individual Participant Login

CBSE Training Centre Address

Todarmal Marg, Ajmer, Ajmer, RAJASTHAN  +91 145-2630770

CBSE Training Login for School Management

How to Solve CBSE Free Training Portal Login issues?

If you are facing login issues, we have prepared a guide to help you troubleshoot the login problems.


How Register for CBSE Training Program? Video

How does collects collect information about CBSE Training Portal?

We collect the information related to the CBSE Training Portal from the official website of the CBSE Teachers Training Portal and other reliable sources. Most websites do not display the information related to the login, password reset, email support, etc., properly. We collect all the required information about CBSE Free Training Portal online like login details, Email, Login troubleshooting, etc., display all the information in an appropriate and easy-to-find manner, and are accessible in a single click for the users.

Is the information about CBSE Training Portal accurate?

We strive to make the information accurate and recheck every piece of information and do our best to publish up-to-date and more precise information. However, we cannot assure you that the information posted about CBSE Free Training Online Portal is 100% correct.



These are the easy and quick ways to access the CBSE Free Training Portal Online, CBSE Training Portal Free Registration, and use the features of the CBSE Training Portal. If you have any problems accessing the portal, please let us know in the Comment section.


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